Get in the business of selling nudges

Hey everyone,

Why am I back in your inbox so soon?

I’m surprised too, but after a year(ish) of mostly monthly emails, I’m trying some new, more regular issues with different content.

I want to get away from these being big long roundups, as I find that slows me down and I lose the habit of sharing, in the weeks in between.

So to kick things off, here are some thoughts on recent interesting finds.

Get in the business of selling nudges

I thought this post on X a few weeks ago was a massively good point by @mijustin, an overlooked way of think about business or product ideas.

“Many customers are on the cusp of taking action; they just need a slight nudge to take the leap.”

In short, lowering the barriers to personal, desired action is a good product strategy – target customers who are already working towards a solution, and offer them simple, low friction ways to jump ahead.

Many of us building info products are probably already doing this, but I think it’s useful to remember it.

For example, I run a Carrd directory and blog. Many Carrd users build cheap and easy landing pages – but they would love to make those pages better, or to stand out. My site’s resources offer low friction ways to do that. To market my site, I need to get those ‘nudges’ in front of those users in creative ways.

With content, quality makes up for regularity

I’m not a big podcast listener. I listen to a limited few, but find many others have way too much chatter for my limited attention and time. That said, there are learnings to be had even without being a prolific listener.

When I got back into Yo! by Rob Hope recently I remembered how polished it was, and how it has just enough chatter mixed with big value. So I was intrigued and dug back into his archives.

I noticed and learned something.

You don’t have to be creating content constantly – I’ve often pondered the idea of making a podcast myself but the idea of having to create them regularly puts me off. With Yo! Rob does it differently. By interviewing only top talent and people he really admires, he can afford to just record them as and when the right people are available. No need for weekly, or even monthly. No pressure at all. The archive quality makes up for regularity.

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