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Well the weeks seem to fly by at the moment, and I’m still working on simplifying these newsletters. It feels like I’m overcomplicating the process, trying to write too much, when they should be quick and simple updates.

Maybe I’m trying to fit too much into each, and instead each newsletter should be about one thing? Let me know if you think that’s a good idea.

For now, here’s my usual mix of side projects, writing and work updates.

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The future of Starrt.co

I’m spending a lot of time lately contemplating what’s next for this side project of mine. The SEO is compounding and I need to grow revenue in line with that growth, in order to justify the time working on it.

Currently, as a Carrd-focussed blog and directory it feels limited by it’s niche-ness, even though Carrd as a platform is on a growth trajectory itself.

One consideration is to pivot it slightly into more of an idea-starting platform, where Carrd is the core tool of choice to start those ideas.

More to come on this subject, as I formulate my strategy in the coming months.

Update on Free AI Apps

Roughly 6 weeks in since launching this directory idea, I’m quite pleased with these stats:

The summary so far:

  • I’m targeting specific, researched SEO keywords

  • Content is 100+ apps so far

  • Starting to add blogs, and source backlinks next

Learning Bubble

I’ve decided in 2024 I’m going to finally go deeper on learning Bubble. I’ve been avoiding it for so long, mainly as I knew it would take a lot of time and focus that I just didn’t have before. I also wasn’t sure if I should stick to focussing on Webflow instead.

However, I’ve changed my outlook recently. My feeling is that with 30 years of work experience, it would be better to cultivate a broad, generalist no-code skills coverage rather than just one tool. That would help me continue to move towards being a no-code advisor / coach, and currently the one thing missing in that mix is more skills in something like Bubble.

So here goes. It will be slow, but I’ll let you know how it’s going.

A chance for you to win $1000

If you’re a Gumroad user, I thought I'd let you know about this. They announced a giveaway today on X, where you could win $1000. All you need to do is go to gumroad.com/reviews and leave 3 written product reviews before June 3.

That's it. They don't even have to be my products, but I’d love it if they were!

Work update

On the work side of things, I’ve been busy lately with some new freelance clients.

I'm starting to find I’m working in an advisory / coaching role more often, helping clients through building or designing themselves, rather than doing it all for them.

I quite like this approach, as I’ve been working 30 years as of 2024. It allows clients to get more value out of my years of experience and knowledge than they would by simply asking me to perform tasks.

I hope you enjoyed this email. Please reply, or tag me on X if you have something to say. I will reply to every mention.

More from me very soon.


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