News & Thoughts #5

Hey everyone,

Welcome to all the new subscribers this month, I’m really pleased to have you join us 👋

December has been a mixed month for me. Not a surprise, as it’s always a busy time leading up to the holidays anyway.

On the up side I feel like my personal brand building and marketing efforts of recent months are starting to show good signs.

On the down side, I’ve not managed to write much this month, which is personally frustrating for me. Something I need to work on.

My latest product experiment launch:

My latest blog post:

Gumroad issues

If you know anything about the indie creator community you will have heard that Gumroad (where I’ve sold my products since 2020) recently announced new pricing. This has caused a big stir in the community, as it will mean much higher fees from January.I’ll write more about this in the new year, and I’m still contemplating how I feel about it. Most likely I will stop relying on one store in the future. As a first step, I’ve set up an alternative store on Lemon Squeezy, as they have much lower fees.

Freelance & consulting work

I’m pleased to now be working with Pento, supporting them part-time on growing their Webflow site, ready for their content marketing plans in 2023.I’ve also started offering some coaching and consulting sessions, which I plan to do more of in 2023 – helping founders with design, Webflow and building prototypes with no-code. More on that in the new year.

This newsletter’s future

I’ve learned a lot starting this newsletter over the last few months, and I want to make it more interesting for you in 2023. So you can expect more links to other content than just my own – interesting tweets, videos and articles I’ve found as well.I’ll also be moving to another email platform. I currently run this newsletter on Revue, but Twitter is shutting it down in January. So this will be the last email in this current format.

That’s it for 2022, and I‘m feeling positive about 2023. I tend to take a break over the last 2 weeks of December, so for now I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and merry Christmas 🎄

Thanks again for all your support this year, and I’ll see you in January 🙏