News & Thoughts #12

Hey everyone,

I didn’t quite get this out in November, but… better late than never right?

On that note there’s going to be a change in frequency in December! I’m following a short course on the Small Bets community to kick start the newsletter publishing habit. So, you can expect weekly emails this month at least (but I may just go back to 1-2 a month in the New Year).

I may also experiment with the format and content during the month, so if you have any feedback just let me know.

Now, let’s dive into what’s new and interesting in my world…

Interesting posts from my feed

If you’re interested in SEO for your side projects, this is a useful list of tools you can use.

A good reminder on how founders and solopreneurs can (and should) talk to their customers more.

Soft-launching my coaching

Following some successful ad-hoc coaching this year, I’m soft launching this as a micro service ready for 2024.

I’ll be available for one-off or regular help with Design & NoCode, to build your online ideas faster.

Airtable London

Early in November I was invited to attend Airtable London 2023. I loved the demos and product announcements – especially around using Airtable + AI for super fast user research insights. But... the venue (with a bit of a view) made it extra special – see below, and I shared some more photos on LinkedIn.

An evening with Chris Do

One evening a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Chris Do action, up close. This was massively inspiring to be a part of an intimate workshop style talk, in a room full of independent creatives ready to push their boundaries. Opportunities like this can really help challenge your current thinking.

Chris generously spent 4 hours discussing topics like pricing strategy, buying psychology, self-belief and effective communication.

Huge thanks also to Experience Haus for the invite and for hosting the event!

Update on a small side project

I just had my best month on (a small SEO project of mine, focussed on Carrd). I’ve been adding 1-2 short posts plus lots of resources over the last year, and it’s grown to the below traffic stats for November. It’s also had 4x sponsor slots filled for 90% of the year.

For quite a niche project I think this is heading in the right direction and I’m looking forward to growing it further in 2024.

That’s all for now.

Got thoughts or ideas to share? Just reply – I love hearing from you.


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